Invest invineyards

Enter the exclusive world of vineyard investment Currant Buy and sell shares of high-performance vineyards

Grow your wealth

Enter the exclusive ranks of vineyard owners

Traditionally, millions of dollars are required to become a vineyard owner. Currant changes this, making it possible to become an investor in vineyards for as little as $100.

Invest in what you love, With experts you trust

Invest in what you love, With experts you trust

Currant’s team of wine, vineyard, and real estate experts carefully select each investment opportunity. Whether you’re a wine expert or just getting started, it’s easy to become a vineyard owner with Currant.

an investment
that lives and grows

Your investments support winemakers

Currant provides essential capital for wineries, empowering winemakers to strengthen their operations and grow their business. With your investment, winemakers can focus on creating exceptional wines and expanding their reach.

Own your share of the wine world

Here’s how Currant works

We find the best vineyards

Our team of viniculture and real estate experts identify and perform meticulous diligence on ideal properties for investment in markets we believe in.

We Analyze the Property

Our teams perform deep financial diligence on both the land and the winery.

We Acquire the Property

Currant closes on the property, providing capital to the winemaker and establishing a lease to provide cash flow for our investors.

We Fractionalize the Vineyards

We create shares representing a fractional invest of each vineyard, so everyone can become an investor for as little as $100.

Grow your wealth

Watch your investment appreciate over time; expect to earn regular income with quarterly dividends.

Harvest your returns

Collect proceeds when the property sells, or sell your shares in our secondary market.

Here’s how Currant works
Immediate Income, Long Term Growth

about the assumptions in this section, or view our full disclosure.

Immediate Income, Long Term Growth

Grow your wealth two ways — cash flow and asset appreciation — the best of both worlds.

Each winery signs a long-term lease with Currant, so shareholders can expect ongoing cash flow in the form of a quarterly dividend.

Whenever a property is sold, investors will grow their earnings through the appreciation of the vineyard.

Why Currant?

Currant cannot guarantee expected rates of return.

Grow Your Portfolio

At an expected 10-12% yield (IRR), harvest the returns your portfolio deserves

Earn Income

Expect to see quarterly cash flow from your Currant investments and compound your earnings

Diversify Your Portfolio

Vineyard investments are a rare safe-haven from the price movements of other assets

Hedge against inflation

Vineyards' real assets value and the enduring appeal of wine provide stability against inflation

Support winemakers

Your investments directly support the artisans & farmers that create your wine

Invest sustainably

Beyond growing your wealth, your investments are instrumental in supporting & protecting vineyard lands

Important Details

Who is Currant for?

All kinds of investors - both accredited and non-accredited - can invest passionately with Currant. Whether you’re a first-time investor, a passionate wine enthusiast, or a seasoned real estate investor… Currant is for you.

If I reside outside of the United States, can I invest with Currant?

Currant permits non-U.S. residents to invest, except residents of countries under embargo by the United States government. Please note that we do not take any steps to qualify offerings in any jurisdiction other than the United States. Accordingly, you must inform yourself about and observe any restrictions that may be applicable in your country relating to your participation in Currant’s offering. If you are uncertain about whether securities laws in your country restriction your participation, you should seek advice from local counsel prior to investing. When it launches, Currant’s Secondary Market will not be available to non-US residents.

Can I choose which vineyards I invest in?

Of course. On Currant, you’ll have your choice of individual vineyards from around the United States, each individually vetted and carefully selected by our team of experts. And soon, we’ll be adding properties from around the world.

Is there a minimum investment?

Only $100 is needed to get started with Currant.

How do I make money?

With Currant, you earn more in two ways. You can expect Currant shares to begin generating income in the form of dividends right away. And of course, you receive proceeds when the vineyard is sold.

Are Currant shares a long-term investment?

Investors should anticipate a hold period of 6-10 years on Currant investments, with the expectation of earning income each quarter in the form of dividends. In the near future, Currant will be expanding its offering to include a Secondary Market, where Currant investors in the U.S. can buy & sell shares from each other.

How is Currant different from other wine investment platforms?

Currant is the only investment platform focused entirely on vineyard properties. Instead of investments into bottles or crates of wine, Currant shares represent equity in real estate… and should expect to generate income regularly in the form of dividends.